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Don’t suffer through hours of labor…

Your new furniture has finally arrived, and you’re ready to start putting everything together. You likely did not expect this assemblage to take too much time or effort. After all, how many tools and skills could a cabinet, desk, or office chair require? Though the project may not seem so demanding at first, you’ll quickly realize that such assembly projects are far more involved than most people plan for. In such instances, doing the job yourself may not be the best option. Instead of forcing yourself to suffer through hours of frustrating labor, you should seek professional assembly services.

Don’t suffer through complicated instructions…

With a professional assembly company, you won’t have to sit through the tedium of following complicated instructions to put your brand-new furniture together. Plus, you won’t have to buy or rent a new set of tools that you may never use again. Your ideal assemblage experts will be available to take over the job for you and complete it in a much faster, more efficient manner due to years of experience and appropriate tools.

When customers purchase “flat-pack” (known more commonly as “ready-to-assemble”) furniture, the underlying assumption is that the piece will be easy to put together. What most people do not realize is that even flat-pack furniture can present quite a complicated task. In these packages, the necessary accessories are provided, yes, but this is not an assurance that the process will be straightforward.

Minimize your stress…

Depending on the size, dimensions, and desired functionality of your new furniture, it may be significantly harder than you planned for. Even a single mishap could lead the entire assembly to go downhill, effectively wasting hours of your time. Further, undetected mistakes may leave your piece structurally unstable, leading your newly purchased furniture to break during later use. These possibilities represent only a small facet of why you should consider hiring professional assembly services for your new furniture. Other reasons include:

  • The professionals will be better prepared for unexpected complications that arise during assembly, such as missing screws. Even when flat-pack furniture is shipped along with the necessary assemblage accessories, sophisticated tools may be required to complete the job. Renting or buying these tools is certainly an option; however, you may not know how to use your newfound tools. The experts do.
  • You can significantly minimize the stress you experience in assembling new furniture and appliances and spend your time in a more leisurely fashion. 

Our experts will handle your furniture with care…

Calling on Jack Rabbit Express Delivery and Transport will make these advantages and more available to you. What’s more, our assembly technicians can assist you with much more than just your home furniture. If you’ve ordered new playground sets for your school or daycare, exercise equipment for your gym, or even lawn gear for your Wichita home, the experts at Jack Rabbit Express have got you covered. We can even pick them up and deliver them and we’ll ensure that your furnishings and home or business accessories are assembled with care, ensuring the best possible results for now and in future use. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.