Jack Rabbit Express Delivery and Transport


Need help relocating large items?

Your furnishings help make a house into a home and craft a professional setting for your business. It isn’t something you cycle through quickly or dispose of just because it needs to be moved. If you’re starting up in a new place or just moving some things across town, you’ll want to bring your quality items with you. Getting those large pieces from place to place isn’t that easy. Furniture, warehouse rack systems, and office cubicle systems can be heavy and also need disassembly and reassembly.

Packing Challenges

One of the big mistakes people make when they try to move significant items on their own, is they don’t pack it up properly. Wood can splinter, paint can chip, and fabric can rip. There are many possibilities for things to go wrong in transport. Preparing for those potentialities is crucial. Before something is hauled into a truck, it should be wrapped in protective material.

Moving Heavy Items

The first problem people typically run into while moving items is that they are too heavy for them to lift. Trying to go it alone is a risk for both you and your property. Mishandling heavy loads can cause the musculoskeletal system’s deterioration and put you at a high risk of throwing out your back. The hazard gets more severe if there are other risk factors involved, like slippery ground, unstable flooring, extreme temperatures, or insufficient lighting. Carrying heavy items up flights of stairs is also extremely dangerous. Getting your items from one place to another is easiest with the help of professional equipment and experience handling larger loads. The size and shape of the pieces you need to move can pose a challenge as well. For instance, attempting to move commercial equipment or oversized loads may require certain licenses and insurance.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Many structures need to be taken apart before they are moved. Bedframes, armoires, playground setups, industrial equipment, shelving, and so on should be carefully taken apart. The individual pieces should be packed and handled in such a way to make reassembly less stressful.

The Average Joe generally does not know how to take intricate items apart. Professionals at Jack Rabbit bring years of experience and have dealt with many items, so we know how to disassemble, move, then reassemble anything you need expertly.

Choose Jack Rabbit Express Delivery And Transport

Jack Rabbit Express Delivery and Transport will handle absolutely everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your items to a new place without damaging them. The specialists with Jack Rabbit will go to your house, office, or business to pick up what you need moved. If it needs to be transported in pieces, we’ll take the item apart for you. Whether you’re headed across Wichita or the entire state of Kansas, our transport services will ensure your things make it there securely. Then once we arrive at your new location, we’ll unpack and reassemble anything you need. Call us today for a free estimate on your express delivery and transport.