Jack Rabbit Express Delivery and Transport


Bogged down with constant tasks?

It’s a changing world out there. We are busier than ever, more bogged down with responsibilities, and have more challenges and worries about the security of our surrounding environment. One thing remains the same—we still have errands to run and business to take care of. Whether it is simple tasks like running out for groceries, doing your banking, trips to the laundry or dry cleaners, hardware store trips, grabbing prescriptions at the pharmacy, or only moving something from one place to another, the to-do list seems to have no end. Transport, pickups, and deliveries remain a constant requirement of the American lifestyle.

Don’t have the appropriate vehicle?

Errands are unavoidable both personally and professionally—and let’s face it—they are tiring, stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes very frustrating. We often just don’t have the time, energy, motivation, or even the appropriate vehicle, or driver’s license for the task at hand (or we don’t want to put the unnecessary strain or extra miles on our own car). Many of us nowadays are working as well as educating our children from home, which makes running those errands even more complicated and inconvenient. In fact, more people are working from home now than at any other time in history. It is a trend that has been happening for years and one that is unlikely to change. Perhaps more so now than ever before, we have new, important reasons why it is sometimes better for us to stay home or stay in one place.

Need a reliable, affordable delivery service?

The reality is, there is a better option available to us when it comes to running errands. Like service companies such as Uber and Grubhub have changed the way we interact with the world around us, the time has finally come for professional pickup and delivery services. We aren’t talking about the same old difficult-to-deal-with, too-expensive national corporations we’ve had no choice but to rely upon in the past. If you are fortunate enough to reside in Wichita, Kansas, or the surrounding areas, you now have an honest, top-rated, local choice that proudly and affordably services your community: Jack Rabbit Express Delivery and Transport.

Free your time and leave the hard work up to us…

As our name implies, Jack Rabbit offers swift, no-nonsense, professional delivery, and transport services throughout the area. We pick up, deliver, and move your items, large or small. We can even combine multiple errands into one, ultra-efficient trip for you. With free estimates, budget-friendly rates, same day, short notice, and express services available, your errand running can become a thing of the past.

Our experts will handle your delivery items with care…

At Jack Rabbit Express Delivery and Transport, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service—but don’t take our word for it; our many five-star reviews speak for themselves. Our team of reliable, trustworthy representatives are standing by to take care of your needs. We now have a contactless Express Curbside Drop-off option. So, avoid the hassle of dealing with that delivery yourself. Give us a call today at 800-730-1891, or email at info@jackrabbittoday.com, and let us show you how we can make your life easier, and free up your time for the important moments in life.